Cheerful Morning- Tonic for your HAPPY day.

Wake up, wake up, wake up- Do it fast, you are late, oh! Dam this traffic. Tomorrow, I am sure I won’t be late. I will complete my breakfast tomorrow. I will surely start yoga from tomorrow. I will go to Jim tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow and one more tomorrow.  Wow, the magical tomorrow never comes….

Be HAPPY HAPPY?Are you not?You can- it is not a big deal.

We all are very much agree and convince to do the things that are beneficial to us in any of the way. Sometimes we even do not take chance and do the things that even advised by strangers. So, How about being HAPPY HAPPY which can solve almost all problems? Here I have gathered out…

Life Goes On..

Life is full of uncertainty. Life is always about rushing towards goal, destination, target and achievement. Our life filled with happiness and pain, sorrow and gain and all around us is simply pushing us one step ahead to move on. Let us see what John needs to say about it. John is very charming guy….

You can and you will- Believing is everything.

How come the simple ordinary men and women in the same world we are living become legend? Have god has some extra power tablets for them? Have god given them magic jinn? Or they just have won the jackpots. None of this seems logical to us. Is that right? The only thing they have different…

Love is the best gift ever..

Falling in Love is easy..But staying in Love is very special…- Unknown How about to love a lot and become beloved? There are sounds of joy and laugh coming out of that room. People are murmuring and chattering with each other. Couples are dancing and hugging each other. Children are running and pouring fun to…