Part 5: How about living life with full freedom? The vision: Knock Knock: Who?Guilt-Get out.


Let us explore new realms of possibility for newness of life. Freedom from past for exploring the new present and new future.

You, Yes U Are Incredible, Don’t Let Anyone Tells U Otherwise.

By Bible: “Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.”

Quran: [2:192] “If they refrain, then GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.”

One day I was in the kitchen, looking over the milk and do not want to clean gas after milk gets roll over from pot. Just there,I had been called by my little daughter, I turned back and hug her and here it happened. The milk had rolled out. I was feeling the guilt inside my head due to not looking over properly. But, you know what, Suddenly, I realized and face the truth that the milk had already rolled over and it is meaning less if I think on this, waste my energy and thinking again and again for the milk which was rolled over 2 minutes ago.

The funda of being free from guilt, not being victim and self-forgiveness is simple, “Look, face it and then Let it go, Let it go and Let it go!” If you hold it tight it will reciprocate you with same force. The past take charge of your mind: disturb you over and over, make you victim over and over and you will dig yourself in it. If you hold the past and guilt will never let you go. So, how about Let the past go and say bye, bye. Any incident, any person and any mater can never be bigger than the truth of your existence.

Call your guts: say hello to happiness and Let the guilt go! By saying bye, bye. Rather to fight to hold on, how about if we fight to let it go!

We have known, According to science and by being somewhat practical that happiness and distress is two metal conditions. Our mind’s distress feeling makes you unhappy and unhappiness is due to holding the unnecessary.

You cannot hold anything as you have not brought anything with you,Have you when you were born? No, you came alone empty handed, you see.

Your situation of any phase of life is not permanent.

Days will pass and pass and one day you will laugh over the guilt and past holding you today. Try it, by remembering your childhood. You are laughing on your all the naughty and nasty things you had done. So, now as you are big enough that doesn’t mean you should victim by yourself. It is fine- the movement which had hold you had gone, the incident which is bothering you had happened, and the person whom you missing dearly after he/she had left you had gone: just everything over, like milk had roll over.

We humans have great art to hold small, small things: even get disturbed if waiting and someone not called and we are champion in holding big maters: not accepting simple logic: what had been happened had been happened.

Make the habit of not get bother by small, small things first: If someone called as you accept: fine rather let it go. If client is not responding or harassing as of now: let it go. If you are stuck in traffic: let it go. If you are late: you are already late (not every day), no problem buddies apologize.

If you are feeling too stuck: Take a break.If you are confused: let it go as off now, think again with calm mind. Not that much difficult after once you know the key: Let it go! Let it go! And Let it go!

  1. Forget and forgive: If it’s bad enough to bother you forget and still bothering you forgive others and yourself. God is merciful.
  2. Express yourself: The mind will get relief if you speak out. If anything that was enough strong to bother you share. Don’t be shy or untoward. It is fine to expose our self to get relief.
  3. Change your way: If the path you are on is your problem, change the path. There must be other way, look at the situation and find the other way. The mysterious new path must have some beautiful destination to lead you. Go with the flow.
  4. Bundle your Guts and through your ego: Make a bucket full of your guts and thorough your waste and ego out of your way and mind. Fuck it dude, not anymore.
  5. Nothing can be better: Where ever are you at this movement, whoever you are and you want to be: Nothing can be better than this movement. Be grateful, thanks to God! And go ahead.
  6. Be calm: Nothing will run away, destroy or lost. Be calm and live again.

Let the eyes seen again the same colors of rainbow as we had seen it first time in life as child. Beautiful, amazing- speechless.

Change is low of universe. Today let yourself born again and see the beauty all around by being free from all the bothering and all the guilt. Coming soon will never come, life is now, now and now..Everything is happening in just now.

Live again with all joy in your heart …and spread happiness everywhere.

Best of luck!

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