You’re My Soul Mate…-Part-1, 2,3,4

Soul mate means a person who shares or is associated with another in some action and when we decide to share life it is beyond imagination.

We have come to earth on a one worthy day and celebrating it every year, being happy for losing up total counts we have. We have been blessed by lots of relationships from the day we have joined in community of earth. The most previous gift by God to us is our mother and father. Sharing, caring and loving all meaning taught to us by them. By each day passed we have been added by other gifts -grandmother and father, uncles and aunties, cousins and with all-time favourite ones friends. Time passes and we are spending each day with new stage in our life.

But one day when you are alone and have no one to talk and laugh with you will find only one person with you- your soul mate. Why in the world god wants you to be with him of her? You need to open up your mind and eyes and see it once again.

The liveliness in the atmosphere was very attentive. Cool soft breeze was flowing with soft fragrance of roses planted nearby. The wind wheezing from neem tree and branches are dancing with each air jaw. Slide humidity and cooling adding joy in. Oldies are chattering on benches related to politics and new budget. Close some group of children are enjoying sliding and sea show in play area. The dim yellow spot lights were adding beauty to status of a mother with little baby. Some college groups are playing live music in the corner. Many people are sitting around them and some are standing over there enjoying every bit of it. The melodies they are playing were magical. There was newly grown green grass all over garden adjoining by small flowered plants of purple and yellow colour looked so lovely. Suddenly rain started flowing fast and everyone is running to nearby shelter.

There, Amar in urgency grab Sapana’s hand in his hand and started running to adjacent tree for shadow and shelter. Till then they becomes half wet and shivering due to hard cold breeze. Suddenly lights cut of and now it was darken up all around. Sapana’s thin kurti is full wet now as rain is flowing hard. Amar also felt cold and full wet hair to toe now. Hand in hand they stand there close to each other for around a hour until rain stops formally seeing each other and hesitating for no reason. 

Amar was working as a part time cashier at Mc. Donald. Every evening new people comes along, college girls and boys were chattering in corners, mom and dad were coming with their kids and enjoying their meals and group of friends are celebrating togetherness. That day Sapana was there with her friends for Seena’s birthday party in school uniform. Suddenly her uncle’s uninvited and sudden entry had disappointed her as she belong to orthodoxy family and she had started running towards back and there Amar shown her way to ladies fresh room. After a while she left from there and came back next day to thank him but he was on leave.

To be continue…


That day they accidentally met each other at garden where rain started pouring. They left apart as soon as rain stops and at parting apart exchanged their phone numbers of landlines as mobiles where dream for those days.

But neither of them tried to call each other, there may be many thoughts regarding different social classes they had and many more not clear in their minds. After that day, every passing night Sapana’s glittering eyes bothering Amar and Amar’s sweet innocent smile bothering Sapana. Year passed over and Sapana ranked 3rd in her school. She can get admission in any branch but she choose and decided to do additional classes for company secretary.

There in college she seen him once again, Surrounded by friends including some beautiful girls. Unknowingly she felt mix feeling of hesitation with jealousy and flash of his sweet innocent smile hit her again in day light. That became routine now and that bother her lot as Amar was ever unknown about her presence over there and her spying on him.

As she was very brilliant student she had been very ambitious and keen about learning. She was a girl of aim and decided to ignore him. She worked hard that year and finally when result tied on notice board she ranked again this time 1st. She was very surprise to see in 3rd year someone done far better than her. Consciously she read name just for her knowledge.

After result she had never seen him again in college and that relief her very much. He was like a challenge for her to not to give attention and not bothering her mind, but she felt happy due to no more flash smiles in daylight at least. After she completed her CS.

To be continue…


Even if she belongs to orthodox family her father always wants to see her daughter successful and that lead her to give her best every time. By the time she completed her education, very talented and rich guy from their caste had been selected for her. She was not ready but her father made her understand regarding her use of her CS education in his firms and getting quality life she deserves. She got agree and they had meeting. Something held her back strongly and she denied to get married as of now. Two more years passed during that she made her carrier by her own and set her own position in one MNC company. She became very angry when she found instead of her some other guy and selected for starting next position at Canada branch. She left that job and started next job with promotion.

That year she met Avi, who was very charming and understanding. Avi and Sapana became very good friends. She met Vishesh and Vivek twins born rich and both had liked her a lot. She met Kaushik, very successful, reach and handsome. Now it was peak time for her to decide one but confusion never left her, hesitation ever remind her that innocent smile.

Next year she had get chance to go to Paris for her business meeting and thought after returning from that she will choose one. Meeting was held in one very posh hotel with reserved table of six. Everyone arrived on time including Sapana accept one. After a while some helper snatching a wheel chair to table and turn wheels at nearby Sapana’s chair there she came face to face. Their eyes match and there she seen him. All her life she wanted him and when he met him finally he was on wheel chair. Amar, he was there on wheel chair now positioned as GM. Meeting was very productive and beneficial for both the companies. Sapana was not much expressive but still done good. After meeting departing was formal again.

 This may be her last chance to get him forever in her life, but choice became difficult for her due to current situations. The suspense of what happened to him and how he had reached till here also killing her. She started towards phone to call him from her hotel room but hold herself back. There, phone rang up. She ran as fast as she could, hold her breath and pick up the phone.

Next, she was packing up fast everything and arranging to get next flight to India to go home.

To be continue…


When she reached hospital her father was in ICU. Sudden heart attack had given no time to anyone to even think and here he was. After her father had got well, routine started again.She was in touch with Avi and Kaushik now and decided to go ahead with Avi by being practical in her life.

After came back from Paris, she searched every details she can but not get answers for what upsetting her. May they never met, not became life partners but now she knows she loved him all by her heart in every situation all the time and now what, she never see that smile ever again Or what should she ask him? Or what should she tell him? Or is she ready to compromise? What about Avi then? Or What if he already got married?

She wakes up next morning; first thing she done was to find a visiting card of Mr. Amar his assistance gave her. She read the card again and again with full name Mr Amar Chaudhary; he was the one who stood first in her college that year and the one who got promotion from other city branch instead of her for Canada position. She also had remembered that she got news afterwards that the person appointed there had met with an accident soon after reaching Canada and she to thanked god not joined over there.

She took the boldest step today, she had dialled call on that number and asked to talk with him. She learn one thing that day that she ever missed in her life-The guts to fight and win from our own self.

She had cried harder that day when he came on line. She let every bit of feeling let go that hold her back with flow of tears. She gained great gut that hided all the time.

Sometimes in our life we hold our selves back for taking steps, we hesitate and hold back, we think and then stop but when we overcome that fear everything falls on place. Take the first step; you do not need to see the whole ladder.

 The very next week Amar came back. After 10 years, they met again. In month of July rain is pouring hard and the neem tree seems wet to with both of them. Hands in hands and lips on lips they hold each other. Then, she leaned and sits beside his wheel chair. Finally, He asked her for marriage and she said, “You are my life partner- today, tomorrow and forever.”

Never ever doubt on your destiny, trust yourself and take the boldest step today.

Where are you are and for whatever you want. I am sure you will get it….

Be Courageous , Be Joy full, Be Happy…

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