Part 10: How about living life with full freedom? The vision: Have Fun!

Pandora’s box: The magic is about to begin. It will start with you within 3 seconds. Here you go, Three, Two, One, hoooo..hur..reee…Have Fun!

Yah, fun is that Pandora’s Box of magic we all are striving for. Be happy, Have Fun! The most commonly used sentence has tremendous capacity to spread magic all around you.

We are 4G/5G people and believing in logic not magic, let’s talk something about logic then.

Simple Science:

There are four major chemicals in the brain that influence our happiness (DOSE): Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins.

Mind feels everything in stress form, Good stress and Bad stress

If we are feeling negative about doing things, meeting someone or being with someone, presenting ourselves or view something – we are being negative- negative includes anxiety, fear, even boredom ….There our mind  react for that(the amygdala uses up the brain’s available nutrients and oxygen and it’s the fight, flight or freeze reaction).

If, however, the brain is convinced that an experience is pleasurable, our good friend, the amygdala releases a little drop of dopamine that tells the whole system that life is worth living. The information is allowed through the gates, to be directed to the prefrontal cortex.


So, everything is about to Feel Good, Have Fun and reducing Bad stress.

The simple fact apply to everyone, what are you striving for? Our whole life going and going – yet we were looking out and striving for Happiness, FUN is little key. Having FUN in whatever we do is just possible once we convince that an experience is pleasurable.

Just there, I just hate traffic and driving. I tried a scooter drive of course with new vision of HAVING FUN TODAY, I never ever like to drive in that fucking traffic with rockets coming from all direction in cities. Yet, I tried it, had my headphones in my ears, and just started to drive, by ignoring tit tit tot tot, by ignoring unwanted entries, by ignoring that hawk man crossing road without break, by ignoring that rickshaw driver giving side by his leg(that was actually almost invisible) , just listening Abhi to party.. song and it was actually FUN. The amazing new feeling of Dopamine in my mind! I have been fully convinced that day Driving is FUN!

Let’s find something to have FUN, Today and Everyday. Learn with FUN. Work with FUN. Seek new opportunities with FUN. Explore new world with FUN. Talk with FUN & Walk with FUN. Write with FUN & Bite with FUN. Aha, you can even fight with FUN. Whatever you do, Just have FUN dude. Life is too short to take loads on your head and anyhow load is just a form of bad stress- no dopamine ..remember?

Have a FUNNY FUNNY life!

Best Of Luck!

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