Wish BOX- On that week…Life changed ..PART-1, 2,3..PART-4

We never know when the world comes alive for us and when we had attached to it, we had come in this world by a wish. We humans are very greedy; ever and ever wish for the next as soon as the first had been fulfilled. Unknowingly wish had taken power to lead our life and our unconscious mind ever wishes one by one what is never ending process. Have you ever wish something like that?

Day 1: Sunday

Tarak was standing there down the closed shop shed and waiting for Mahira to come. Suddenly, he had noticed a simple, small slum boy who was standing on the other side of the road without sleeper and enough clothes on. He was severing in the heavy rain fall. His eyes half open half close with every drop of water pouring and hands folded tight near chest. Rain was not showing any mercy for his severing. Due to rain pouring from about an hour the road sides were overflowed and water running hard through sides. His foot dogged in mud and water flowing through his bare legs. Suddenly the storm become hard and severing turns in loss of energy for him. Tarak had reached to him as soon as possible struggling with his umbrella which was crushing by hard wind, till then the boy had fallen down on the muddy ground. Due to heavy rain merely the vehicles were passing by the road and Tarak was very not sure about what to do next. Very next movement, He had cached auto and now taking the boy with him. Tarak was working as a chief editor for famous newspaper. Tarak was eligible bachelor, young and handsome, away from home and mom-dad. So many girls by matrimony had contacted him, his colleagues, his friend’s friend and so many others, but every time he seems not interested and not interested at all. He believed in his own freedom and he was very passionate about his work. He never ever compromises his work in any case. He had ever wished to become very successful entrepreneur and owner of his own register magazine-The news world. He had to visit client within upcoming hour, they can sponsor him for his only dream he was chasing and now here he was. He was taking an unknown roadside boy with him and tries to saving him to regain his senses. “Take it towards Mani’s hospital main gate. Can it be fast? I am getting late.” He told to auto driver, there was urgency in his voice. “I am doing my best.” Usual reply he had received. Every going moment was getting crucial. The boy was not giving any sign of senses. Tarak was rubbing his hands. Tarak’s mind was doing merry go round with so many simultaneous thoughts going on. “Have Mahira been arrived there? Is she looking for me now? What will be her reaction when she will not find me there? Will they be able to reach at clients place? Oh! He has to, as the client was NRI and has his flights the very next day. What will doctor suggest for this boy? Who will take care of him if he will go to client? Does he have any relations nearby from where he had taken him? Should I go back and check afterwards? When will I reach to hospital? Dam, all this, this boy, I need to reach at hotel for meeting. But, then who will look after this little buddy? It’s not at all his fault, he is little innocent boy who deserves good life, but he was there.” There, they had reached; it took him 20 minutes to reach the cabin of the doctor with this little buddy. As he had checked again, his mobile battery appears completely dry. How much digitization paralyzed us? He thought after remembering Mahira’s number many times and not succeeded to recognize it.

To be continue..


He had just stayed there, coordinating with doctor and thinking constantly. Doctor had suggested to admit the little buddy and written down number of tests. He had become blank as of now. He had just sited on bench looking to paper by blank mind and open eyes. This was time for action, stand up Tarak, and just stand up. Afterward, he was rushing in hospital. He had admitted the little buddy; manage to get required savings he had needed to spend by his credit card. By help of nurse had changed wet clothes of little buddy with hospital clothes. Landed mobile charger from reception and put it in charging. Took information from reception about tests to carry on to little buddy and called up to lab with help of her. Lab appointment had been fixed within 25 minutes. Just then he had seen the clock and it was one and half hour from all this happened. He had unplugged the phone switch it on. The first thing he had done was to call Mahira. “Where the hell you had been all this time? I was standing there waiting for you and even when I had reached to hotel to meet the client, you were not there. Are you out of your mind? The client just left before 5 minutes. Very unprofessional approach was the last words I had heard from him. Now, don’t rely on me for next client. This was your only chance to get investments and you lost it. Now, can you please elaborate your unprofessional approach and tell me why this had happened Mr. Joshi? “ Mahira’s non-stop complains completed finally.  “Take a breath, I was stuck somewhere. Now, as the client had been gone. I will contact you later.” Tarak replied coldly. “That is it all. You were stuck somewhere. “ Mahira shouted again.

Tarak was usual for Mahira’s shouting. Mahira was his very good childhood friend and partner for every target he had set in life except sharing life together. Both of them were very carrier oriented and not thinking anything. Mahira came to Vadodara after Tarak had come. She was working as head finance in one MNC firm with multi zero figure package. She was beauty with brain. She was smart, talented, good looking and straight forward. A girl: with ethics who cannot tolerate nonsense. She called him again and asked nicely about what had been happened. Next, she was going towards hospital.

Little buddy was in bed when Mahira entered the semi special room booked by Tarak. Mahira look at his face. A face with peace and innocence, she thought once she had a look. Suddenly, she felt strike and affection for this little buddy. A person from lab came in the room and take blood sample for testing purpose. Mahira was just looking towards little buddy while Tarak was busy in phone calls. Late evening they eat pavbhaji in silence just outside the hospital and finally decided that Tarak will accompany little buddy. The sense of responsibility for a stranger, both of them never felt anything like that. They were only child for their parents and pampered a lot during their childhood. Compare to this little buddy who even don’t had enough closes to wear. World is full of strange things! One side money and things are like bag full of gifts and other side people are struggling for basic needs, still not regret. Money is not everything , but yet nothing less than everything.

Here, an unspoken bond between the three had build up. Mahira had decided to take leave the next day and Tarak had already called to be on leave next day.

Whole night Tarak had been almost wide eyed awaken and checked little buddy now and then. The doctor’s medicine had seemed not effecting on him.


Day 2: Monday

The doctor checked him again in the morning; the fever was as it is. They removed his clothes and shifted him in ICU.  The test reports had come. Tarak had been settled in Doctor’s cabin. He had not known what to do next. He had wanted to know all about test reports. Sometimes in life we become that much impatient that we even not able to wait for upcoming movement. There Mahira had come inside the doctor’s cabin and seated beside Tarak. Doctor was asking both of them questions regarding the little buddy, but they just looked at each other. Then, doctor said them there is possibility that may be little buddy belongs to orphan home. As per doctor suggestion they can leave him there and inform them if they wanted to continue treatment or not. But, very firmly Mahira spoken on behalf of both,” we will take care and he must be needed to treat well. Please do whatever it takes, we will pay every penny.”  Tarak nodded in unison. Doctor had admired both of them and they all left the cabin. Doctor went directly to ICU and told them to wait outside. There outside in lobby first time Mahira hold Tarak’s both hands in her hands and then she was hugging tight in her own emotion. She told,” He will be all right, don’t worry, don’t worry.” In all this years since they were children this is first time Tarak was feeling something different for Mahira. He hugged her tight back and they relaxed after a while in embrace and might be in love. Today, first time in life they had felt each other together not as a companion but as soul mates. This was first day of their life when they were thinking other things rather than their passion and work and proving their selves. This was a day when they feel each other unknowingly. Day was passing with each phase they were in coordination with doctor, nurse and other staff. Tarak was there getting medicines as required and written by doctor. Mahira had just seated outside the ICU for any call and checking constantly. She had seen little buddy uncountable times from small door glass window. He was there sleeping innocently, injected by bottles and necked due to high degree of fever, just thin white cloth on his chest part. Little buddy had detected Pneumonia. Treatment had started and going on. The day was busy for both of them; they eat together and support each other throughout the day. By the late evening Tarak suggested Mahira to leave and not to come tomorrow. But, the attachment to little buddy hold her back and she insisted to come. Life is very unpredictable: the girl who had even not taken leave for her cousin’s marriage was here today for a stranger little boy.

Day 3: Tuesday

This was 3rd day now, Tarak was still there in hospital, just changed clothes brought by Mahira and getting fresh at hospital fresh room. Tarak was feeling dizzy due to lack of sleep. Mahira had opened a thermos. Tarak had not even given thought once about setting his own firm and Mahira was all present physically and mentally here only. The world was here as of now. By passing day still little buddy was showing no sign of improvement. Suddenly at afternoon doctor had rushed to both of them and told them to come along with him in cabin. Tarak and Mahira both followed him. After they had seated the doctor said them that little buddy’s health is crucial and he is trying his level best. They can just pray for his good health. After they had come out of doctor’s cabin, they were out of their mind. Both of them just looked at each other and Mahira started crying. Morning turns to evening and evening turns to night. Now, at the movement Tarak can see folded hand of Mahira constantly praying rather than the two folded small wet hands.

To be continue


Day 4: Wednesday

That was sunny Wednesday, bright sun smiling with joy and atmosphere was cool with flowing breeze in hospital corridor. While with pain in dazzling eyes Tarak stretched up and check the time in his Rado made multi zero priced watch. He can see Mahira walking in corridor from left to right and right to left. Suddenly, as he had gained all senses he wakes up instantly. He had walked fast towards Mahira. There, she was smiling a lot when Tarak had reached to her. She had held his hands and just hugs him tight as much that even can break his spinal cord. She had released instantly and started her chattering like a sparrow again. “Yah, you see he is doing well, he has improvement and fever is under control. Doctor has suggested giving him juice by today on wards. I am planning to go to market and buy all he needed. Even I am planning to go to Ginny and Johnny to buy his clothes. What do you think blue will be best suit or brown or black? Oho, still I have not checked his exact size. What you think 7 year old clothes will be fit to his size? How about you? See, you stay here and I will manage the rest. I don’t want any hesitation and problems or inconvenience when he will gain his senses. No, no, no…You go; I just want to meet him first, I want listen his voice and see him smiling. What you see, second one is best option right? So, just get up, we don’t have time to sit like this, we have lots of work to do.” There he had got up and stretching his hand in efforts to follow her. They had first started towards ICU room, just glance through the round small glass window, they can see removed mask from his face and one hand syringe bottle had been released. Both looked back at each other and smile at each other in deep satisfaction and relief. Then, Tarak had gone to fresh room and Mahira went outside. Very next they both went to Doctor’s cabin and asked everything that were bothering their minds about little buddy. But, doctor’s conversation gave those sign of relief as everything seems fine and improving. The plans for both of them had been changed now, from going to café with friends and movies to go for shopping of grocery and clothes for kids. Change feels good only when you accept with open heart, nothing can explain better than this one. Mahira managed to get her car out from parking lot and there at the gate Tarak joined her, only after assurance from doctor that their one hour absent over there will not harm little buddy. They hurried towards town side and buying all they need in hurry due to lack of time, there they shared their thoughts about liking of colours, styles and patterns. This was not at all usual talk they were having. Life seems to be stop at one place at unknown station and started again from some other unknown beautiful station. When they reached back to hospital and visited reception they had been handled with list of medicines to buy. Tarak had started way back to medical store in hospital premises and Mahira had headed towards ICU. It was 1.30 PM now. Mahira had set on bed of special room with relief in her mind. Just there Tarak came back and set besides her. He took her hand gently in his hands and kissed. “Thank you so much, this all was not at all possible without your support.” He said with deep praise in his voice. “It’s not at all required, keep it with you. But, I am worried about what to do next. It’s not legal to take his custody even if I am very much interested to keep him with me. We even don’t know, To Whom he belonged to? We have to decide it and I want your help. What if he doesn’t belong to anyone or we will not be able to find his any relative? Will you be my side to help me to take his custody? “There she stopped with pain in her voice. “Are you mad? You cannot take his custody, you are girl and this all was due to my attention to him. You have all your life ahead, why you want to dig in all this mess? I will handle everything once he will regain his senses.” He replied with forceful ton. “What are you talking about? I am not gone leave it like this. Do you understand me?” she said with anger in her ton. She was very angry and leaves the room the same movement. She went outside and poured herself tea from roadside stall and eaten some biscuits. It was late afternoon when she headed from hospital reception bench to ICU and once again checked up the little buddy. Up till now she had been determined to take this little buddy home with her. She had not talked to Tarak from almost 5 hours now as it was 6 PM now. This was the longest period she could remember. Tarak was up stair waiting for her to come first to talk. This all was so unusual for both of them, lots of feelings with lots of unspoken worlds had totally bloom their minds. That day had been ended with silence all around.

undefined To be continue.

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  1. Shyam says:

    Cute romantic story of true love

    Waiting for rest of part


    1. Dhvani says:

      Thank you so much …next parts on the way now


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