Wish BOX- On that week…Life changed ..PART-5

We never know when the world comes alive for us and when we had attached to it, we had come in this world by a wish. We humans are very greedy; ever and ever wish for the next as soon as the first had been fulfilled. Unknowingly wish had taken power to lead our life and our unconscious mind ever wishes one by one what is never ending process. Have you ever wish something like that?


Day 5: Thursday

The new day was full of life. The first stand Tarak had taken -to support and do all required to adopt the little buddy and second was –to get married with Mahira. Now, he can understand fully that even if he hadn’t said to her, but he was madly, fully and completely in love with Mahira. She was everything for him- His lifeline and soul mate. He had started towards ICU first. There was a magical movement when he seen her today, till today she was Mahira, but today she was his Mahira. Life seems new every movement now, all he had wanted do was to love her, care her and be with her ever and ever and ever. As soon as he reached to Mahira, he was on his knee with head down. She was literally surprised by his this behaviour. He was unable to start, but when he had completed Mahira was fully flat. He said,” Even if I said or not every passed movement after that, the emergency to talk with you was more urgent than the need of oxygen. I admits to forget so many other things, but very happy to have you with me. I admit not to need the world behind me, but I always need you besides me. I admits not tell you how much I loved you ever, but your dreams never left me. While second turns into minute and minute turns into day, my feelings for you turns from drop to ocean and my sky is full of Mahira only. I am truly, madly, deeply and completely in love with you. Will you marry me? I want to be a father of little buddy, but little buddy is also in need of mother. Please, Please, Please say yes. I am not able to bare your silence one more movement.May my heart will stop beating. Waiting, Darling, my sweet heart. Say something.”

Mahira was just standing there- full of surprise and astonishment. Just at that time nurse from inside the room was running out in hurry to call doctor. The little buddy was about to awake and both Mahira and Tarak went inside the ICU before doctor had come. He was innocently and calmly opening his eyes. It was movement of acceptance, love, forgiveness and humanity. Doctor had entered the room and was surprised to see both of them inside. Then he had instructed both of them to wait outside. He had started his routine check-up, he had checked his eyes, mouth, and his senses and when he was finally satisfied he seems relax. He was not walking towards exit door of ICU, while Tarak and Mahira snooping from glass hole of door. When he was out he said ,”  Everything is fine now and you can meet him, but please be careful – not much talking all a while. Make everything easy for him so he can understand his situation .Then it will be call of you two, what to do next.” They both were very excited to meet him, to hear from him and to cheris him with their love. The bond of love is not untestable, not explainable and sometimes having no words to express. It’s just love, pure love between souls. 

They were inside the ICU now, besides the bed of little buddy. When their eyes meet with little buddy’s eyes the eyes were full of gratitude and love.Little buddy seems unable to say a word but his eyes can say everything. Three of them were in silence, and then as usual Mahira’s chanting started with so many questions. “How this all has been happened? Where are you from? Do you have anyone to inform about you? How do you reach there near railway station? How? When? Where?” finally she had took a break and said ,”Anyways, are you hungry my boy?” The little buddy was speechless just astonished by all this care and love from them as he was usual for rock hard replies from people when he was in need. But, here he can now see the two angels sent by god for him.

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