Part 8: How about living life with full freedom? The vision: Satisfaction.

What is satisfaction for you? Luxury, money, fame, social and professional recognition. Yah, everyone wants that.  We have grown up through seeing that only. We are very happy by seeing Deepika weds Ranveer and Brand had Angelina. Actually, we are so much interested and seeing outer layer of fame and money gifted with all luxury in other’s life. Really, think about it. We are very much fascinated when we are visiting x or y person’s house and find that the house worth millions. We have keen eyes to observe all the furniture, entrance, facilities and even the size of TV. Somewhere we are fascinated and expecting magic to happen for us. If you really want something you have to work for that, simple.

Let’s play a game today to find satisfaction in one’s life:

  1. Togetherness: Are you happy happy around all of your family members and friends? Ye hoo.
  2. Liveliness: Are you happy happy when music hits your ears? Zoom baby zoom.
  3. Innocence: Are you happy happy when a smile child smiles at you? Cute.
  4. Kindness: Are you happy happy when you see someone helps a blind ant to cross the road? At least someone is doing that.
  5. Love: Are you happy happy when your kido kisses you? Oh, Sweetie. You made my day.
  6. Luxury: Are you happy happy when in full rain you find small shed? Thank God!
  7. Fame: Are you happy happy when everybody sings happy birthday for you? Thank you, thank you.
  8. Excitement:  Are you happy happy when you buy new car or home? Congratulation and celebration.

If, any of 3 is yes- I must say, you win. Yes-You really win. While reading you have feel it and said yes, yes and yes! That is it! We are human and we should feel.

Branded clothes and Audi car can never feel that awesome as a small kiss from your kido. I can bet on that.

Money is important, but passion of money and work should not be barrier for satisfaction and happiness. Life of satisfaction with happiness is not about doing what you want do and being frustrated or exhausted. It is about doing what you do with satisfaction. In one of Modiji’s lecture he had said, “Kam Karya no santosh hoy, thak na hoy.” (To work while work is feeling of satisfaction and not tiredness)

We were always happy about getting star on hand or in book in childhood. Have you remembered that? How about today? Can you give all 10 stars to you up till today? It’s free, free, and free. Being satisfied is as simple as giving starts to you.

Mine is mine and yours is yours, but I think there needs to be little for all around us. The concept of satisfaction is for yourself and all. Satisfaction for yourself, satisfaction with what we have and satisfaction with all around us.

Dream Big But Never Live Small Joy, Every Small Joy and Job Is Satisfaction that leads you to happiness.

Success cannot be overnight but satisfaction guaranteed to lead you one step ahead from where you are rather frustrations.

Love, Laugh, Live- Live life with full satisfaction and full happiness.

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