Part 7: How about living life with full freedom? The vision: Choice

You are free to choose. Lead your life and make it bombastic.

The sky was full dark all above the starts and moon.Whole universe was looking splendid from that place. The mountain high as this has always blessed with clean, cool and fresh breeze. The quietness of the place was more attentive than world’s best meditation room. Small grass covered soil seems so attentive that I cannot able to keep my hands off. I had a choice to sit here and feel amaze or to go back to room and sleep. The whole team had gone back while only few choose to be there. I was one of them. I had overcome all my obstacles and decided to be brave and fearless. That was very difficult to overcome every thought which was cracking your mind every second when you decided to choose something out of track. The adoration and joy follows you when the new track reaches to new destination. So, I choose to sit there, I choose to be happy, joyful and most important I choose to be brave and fearless. To explore the world of mountain, starts and moons.

Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it. (Kevyn Aucoin)

Your choice is your inner commitment to yourself. This commitment is knowingly or unknowingly makes your life. Your life’s happiness is your wisest choice. Life works the way you want when you choose that.

You cannot choose doughnut and apple at the same time. Make one wise choice and believe that what you have choose is the best in the world. Once you choose: Plan -Do-Check-Act.

Life will ask you each time by throwing you in hell or new challenge or new surprise and ask-choose?But, my dear friend I can say that you always have a choice. Just take a chance and make your choice. There, we are always asking for examples and never ever thinking to become the one. We are reading and exploring other’s life, Why not to be ourselves to become example for others. Choose Today- not later, not in evening, not afterward, not tomorrow – Just now. Where are you and where you want to be? Success or failure, Cry or laugh, Run or stop, Win or lose, Pain or gain, Happiness or sorrow, Best or worst, Health or sickness, Luxury in life or be poor. Just now, this is your time to choose it today to make things beautiful forever.

Best Of Luck- To make a choice and be a legend.

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